Norrlandsvagnar began operations producing caravans in 1961. An upswing in construction and the mechanisation of forestry drew our attention to a rapidly growing demand for mobile site accommodation. This inspired us to manufacture the first mobile forest trailer of its type as early as 1963, which led to our developing site trailers and break room trailers for all kinds of operations and needs.

Today, Norrlandsvagnar is synonymous with stable, durable trailers of the highest quality and almost unlimited customisation capabilities. We conduct continuous product development and produce all of our own essential parts. We also have a clearly defined green profile and we seek to be a role model in the industry. All in all, this has led to our leading market position and sales to date of more than 19,000 Norrlandsvagnar trailers from our factory in Bygdsiljum, Västerbotten.


Because our product development is based largely on the demands and wishes of our customers, we consider it extremely important to retain full control over our own production as well as incoming components. We safeguard our high quality in everything from products to service through e.g:

  • In-house manufacturing of doors and windows for our trailers
  • Making woodwork and interior doors for our trailers in our own joinery to achieve maximum flexibility
  • We also manufacture our own sandwich panels to order in different dimensions
  • We have spare parts sales and service to all of the trailers existing in the market

Business idea

Norrlandsvagnar seeks to manufacture and sell mobile forest trailers, site trailers and special trailers of the highest quality and durability, produced in a rational, eco-friendly way.

Environmental policy

Norrlandsvagnar seeks to achieve production that minimises environmental impact. Manufacturing processes and material selection are under constant review. Norrlandsvagnar also seeks to influence the industry and customers toward making eco-friendly choices, so that the product is recyclable to the greatest extent possible.



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