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Break room trailer

A break room trailer is a place to boost energy levels during break time and use the bathroom and hand basins to freshen up. Also often acts as a meeting place and a fixed location to start work from. Our vaulted ceilings with a full height of 235 cm provide excellent space in the trailer. The roof also means better winter properties as snow is less liable to remain, and better warm air properties in the summer. We don’t build curved roofs because it’s easy, but because we think it’s the best solution for trailers, and we’ve done so ever since the 1960s.

The trailer is small and flexible and often used by electricians and building service engineers, painters or for minor jobs in urban areas. Break room trailers are usually fitted with a 50 mm ball hitch and delivered inspected and approved for towing at 80 km/h, but a 30 km/h version is also available. The hitch can be a 50 mm ball for cars, VBG coupling for trucks or a towing eye for tractors. The ability to fit break room trailers with lifting eyes and hoist them over hedges/fences straight onto the site where they are out of the way is a big plus in residential areas.

Break room trailers can have all types of heating – electricity, gas, diesel – in various combinations. Underfloor heating is also available. Standard lighting is fluorescent tubes, but LED lighting (standard on trailers with gas) is also available. Break room trailers used in urban areas often have only electricity with 16A 3-phase as standard, but a 230V connection is also available (option). Break room trailers used in the field or forest usually have a combination boiler that can wrong on both electricity and gas, but other combinations are also available, including diesel.

Break room trailers usually have either a chemical or incinerating toilet. There is often also a large or small storage area, usually fitted with shelves, lighting, electrical sockets and heating.

Break room trailers come in a great many different sizes – everything from small with lifting eyes designed to be hoisted using a tractor to trailers for 16 people. All break room trailers are built according to customer preferences, and we have more than 50 years’ experience (going back to 1961) in custom building. We have a very long options list, and when our experienced sales staff discuss your needs with you, they will suggest the most appropriate options. And if there’s anything extra you would like to add, it’s almost never a problem. If this involves new plans, there is no extra charge. Break room trailers are built to function in a working environment for a very long time. Norrlandsvagnar is the only Swedish site trailer manufacturer certified to ISO 9001 quality standards.


Forest trailer

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A forest trailer must be able to function deep in the forest and act as an operations base. Because workers sometimes spend several weeks in their forest trailers far away from all amenities, extra demands are put on the trailers regarding functionality.

There are various types of forest trailers, all built to function without access to mains electricity and water, they are often equipped with:









  • large diesel tanks – up to 6 m3 – often built into the chassis
  • large diesel generator
  • compressor
  • engine driven welder
  • hose crimper
  • well equipped workshop for repairs with e.g. grinding cabinet, checker plate
  • service functions
  • tanks/pumps for diesel, lubrication, SCR/AdBlue etc.
  • hydraulic stabilisers for lateral and longitudinal level control on stabilisers and each individual wheel pair.
  • generous stowage space with central locking.
  • store
  • diesel heater
  • gas operation
  • solar cells
  • app control/monitoring – see Remote page
  • LED lighting, extra bright in repair room
  • beds
  • break room
  • changing room
  • larger water tanks
  • shower
  • toilet
  • etc. – there are considerably more options/possibilities

Our forest trailers often have those little extras that allow them to work well in all seasons, such as air conditioning, solar panels, TV/radio, internet, monitored alarms, etc. All of the chassis are our own design and meet the specific needs demanded by forest trailers, and have been thoroughly tested over many years. With the exception of the large chassis with built-in tanks manufactured according to our drawings by our sister company in Ödeshög, all chassis are manufactured in-house. We have extensive experience of the Compakt-chassis, and have refined it into today’s versions. We maintain full control of all production and make constant improvements and modifications according to our customers’ wishes in order to offer the very latest technology in our forest trailers. We develop tomorrow’s trailers together, today.

Take a look inside a forest trailer from March 2016 to see a typical example of how one can look. Click on the image below to see more than 100 images of our flagship :


Because comfort is more important than in regular site trailers, space is more generous and our lofty ceiling height is a full 235 cm for extra comfort. Underfloor heating is quite common, as is air conditioning to bring down the temperature when it’s time for bed. Kitchens often have a large fridge freezer, hob and fan and worktops. Because many people spend the entire week in the woods, some trailers also have an office.

We encourage you to take a look at images and floor plans in the examples below. We have substantially more models, but these can be a good place to begin considering the functions you would like in your forest trailer. Give us a call, and we’ll come up with a solution built precisely to meet your needs. If we need to make new drawings to design your perfect trailer, we will do so free of charge. Our goal is always – and has been since 1961 – to build the market’s best forest trailer. Norrlandsvagnar is the only Swedish site trailer manufacturer certified to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Accommodation trailer

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An accommodation trailer is used when personnel must live on site for all or part of the week. Accommodation trailer comfort is thus particularly important to ensure your rest is pleasant and you wake up refreshed.


Because the trailers are often a long way from mains electricity and must be able to work independently, the following are usually available (some are options):







  • one or more bedrooms, with one or more beds per room
  • extra insulation in floors and ceilings
  • electricity generator
  • solar cells
  • many extra batteries
  • blinds and insect screens on openable windows
  • air conditioning
  • electrical equipment
  • wardrobes next to beds
  • a small shelf with an electrical outlet by each bed for charging mobile phones
  • optional bed widths – e.g. 80, 90 or 105 cm.
  • where fitted, top bunks can be ordered in a fold-up version
  • a generous kitchen area with work tops
  • large fridge with separate freezer compartment
  • microwave
  • hob with fan
  • dishwasher
  • large water tanks
  • shower and washbasin
  • toilets, e.g. dry or incinerating
  • one or more combined heating systems such as electricity, gas and diesel
  • underfloor heating, either electric or hot water coil
  • mm


The ability to sleep right next to the site in an accommodation trailer – often far from home – is a quality-of-life aspect that allows people to work more efficiently without having to commute, and instead enjoy time off for longer consecutive periods.

Accommodation trailers are available in many floor plans in widths of 235/245 cm and up to 9 metres long – all dimensions internal. Ceiling height at the centre of the trailer is always 235 cm for excellent space and comfort. See below for examples of typical layouts. Look on them as suggestions that you can adapt according to your needs. If you need new drawings, we will make them free of charge. We’ve been building custom accommodation trailers from the bottom up since the 1960s. Making sure our customers get trailers built exactly to their needs is the most important thing of all for us. Norrlandsvagnar is the only Swedish site trailer manufacturer certified to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Personnel trailer

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A personnel trailer has a kitchen/diner, toilet and facilities for showering/washing and changing clothes.

There are many Swedish regulations governing how a personnel trailer must be designed, of which the two most important are the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s regulations from 2009 and Trades Union rules from 2015. The Work Environment Authority’s regulations form the basis, and these trailers have the suffix 40 at the end of the model designation. Union rules for personnel trailers are tougher and come into force when clothes are changed in the trailers, as there must also be facilities for showering. These trailers have the suffix 50.

Norrlandsvagnar has been building trailers since 1961, which makes us the Original, and we’ve led the development of new trailers with our customers ever since by using new materials, solutions and functions. Norrlandsvagnar’s personnel trailers are highly sought after on the second-hand market, where they are extremely hard to find as they disappear fast. due to the high quality standards our trailers have always been built to. We accept Norrlandsvagnar trailers in part exchange when our customers want a more modern solution tailored to their latest needs for functionality and space. We sometimes get well-cared-for used trailers that are more than 20 years old, where a few minor measures are all it takes to enable a new owner to enjoy it for many more years to come.

Norrlandsvagnar is the only Swedish site trailer manufacturer certified to ISO 9001 quality standards.

We have a great many design variations for personnel trailers. Contact us and let us know what functions you need and we’ll create the perfect solution for your personnel trailer.

Special trailers

Special trailers do jobs that our other 13 trailer categories do not. Special trailers tackle specific assignments and are made to order by customers who themselves provide proposals and ideas concerning content and fields of application. Typical examples:

  • Short break trailers – used by e.g. Gothenburg tramways so that its drivers can take a well-deserved break whenever they’re at the terminus. The trailers are fitted with a break room and toilet.
  • Spa/sauna trailer for recreation; with shower & toilet. Can have different types of heating.
  • Shelter trailer, designed for locations far out in the backwoods; heated by wood-burning stove. We delivered three units to Sami reindeer herders by helicopter as there were no roads out there.
  • Hunting trailer, intended as a hunting base out in the countryside
  • Slaughterhouse trailer
  • Sales trailer
  • Box office trailer

If you know how you’d like your special trailer to look, tell us and we’ll draw up a proposal.