Break room trailer

A break room trailer is a place to boost energy levels during break time and use the bathroom and hand basins to freshen up. Also often acts as a meeting place and a fixed location to start work from. Our vaulted ceilings with a full height of 235 cm provide excellent space in the trailer. The roof also means better winter properties as snow is less liable to remain, and better warm air properties in the summer. We don’t build curved roofs because it’s easy, but because we think it’s the best solution for trailers, and we’ve done so ever since the 1960s.

The trailer is small and flexible and often used by electricians and building service engineers, painters or for minor jobs in urban areas. Break room trailers are usually fitted with a 50 mm ball hitch and delivered inspected and approved for towing at 80 km/h, but a 30 km/h version is also available. The hitch can be a 50 mm ball for cars, VBG coupling for trucks or a towing eye for tractors. The ability to fit break room trailers with lifting eyes and hoist them over hedges/fences straight onto the site where they are out of the way is a big plus in residential areas.

Break room trailers can have all types of heating – electricity, gas, diesel – in various combinations. Underfloor heating is also available. Standard lighting is fluorescent tubes, but LED lighting (standard on trailers with gas) is also available. Break room trailers used in urban areas often have only electricity with 16A 3-phase as standard, but a 230V connection is also available (option). Break room trailers used in the field or forest usually have a combination boiler that can wrong on both electricity and gas, but other combinations are also available, including diesel.

Break room trailers usually have either a chemical or incinerating toilet. There is often also a large or small storage area, usually fitted with shelves, lighting, electrical sockets and heating.

Break room trailers come in a great many different sizes – everything from small with lifting eyes designed to be hoisted using a tractor to trailers for 16 people. All break room trailers are built according to customer preferences, and we have more than 50 years’ experience (going back to 1961) in custom building. We have a very long options list, and when our experienced sales staff discuss your needs with you, they will suggest the most appropriate options. And if there’s anything extra you would like to add, it’s almost never a problem. If this involves new plans, there is no extra charge. Break room trailers are built to function in a working environment for a very long time. Norrlandsvagnar is the only Swedish site trailer manufacturer certified to ISO 9001 quality standards.