Personnel trailer

A personnel trailer has a kitchen/diner, toilet and facilities for showering/washing and changing clothes.

There are many Swedish regulations governing how a personnel trailer must be designed, of which the two most important are the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s regulations from 2009 and Trades Union rules from 2015. The Work Environment Authority’s regulations form the basis, and these trailers have the suffix 40 at the end of the model designation. Union rules for personnel trailers are tougher and come into force when clothes are changed in the trailers, as there must also be facilities for showering. These trailers have the suffix 50.

Norrlandsvagnar has been building trailers since 1961, which makes us the Original, and we’ve led the development of new trailers with our customers ever since by using new materials, solutions and functions. Norrlandsvagnar’s personnel trailers are highly sought after on the second-hand market, where they are extremely hard to find as they disappear fast. due to the high quality standards our trailers have always been built to. We accept Norrlandsvagnar trailers in part exchange when our customers want a more modern solution tailored to their latest needs for functionality and space. We sometimes get well-cared-for used trailers that are more than 20 years old, where a few minor measures are all it takes to enable a new owner to enjoy it for many more years to come.

Norrlandsvagnar is the only Swedish site trailer manufacturer certified to ISO 9001 quality standards.

We have a great many design variations for personnel trailers. Contact us and let us know what functions you need and we’ll create the perfect solution for your personnel trailer.