Why Norrlandsvagnar

There are 20,000 reasons why you should choose the Original

When we launched the first trailer in 1961, we were the first in our market. Today, after five decades of continuous development, we’ve rolled out and sold more than 20,000 trailers from our factory, far more than any other manufacturer. Something we’re naturally extremely proud of.

Unique customisation options

But success comes with responsibilities. We’ve never taken things easy; on the contrary, we are always working to create new, clearly recognisable customer advantages. One such thing is maximum flexibility through e.g. our plank-free wall design using sandwich panels that provide unrestricted choice of door and window location. Or our a great range of functions and accessories.

Swedish Norrland’s quality – always with high, vaulted ceilings

At the same time, there are things that we never budge an inch on, like our stubborn quality thinking. It’s one of the reasons all of our trailers have characteristic rounded, cambered roofs that not only optimise run-off, but also maximise ceiling height. And our company’s lofty ambitions and open atmosphere are further success factors. All of our personnel are quality and product developers in equal measure and share the same focus – to go on making the best trailers!

Quality certified according to ISO 9001

Yeah, right. Just about any trailer maker can say “we make the market’s best trailers.” Maybe, but here at Norrlandsvagnar we can both say it and actually mean it. We are the only Swedish site trailer manufacturer certified to ISO 9001 quality standards. It’s something we’re proud of, and something that promises your Norrlandsvagn will live up to your quality expectations.

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